Lectures Tuesdays 15:30–17:15 in Room SI-007
Parallel programming references
[AoMPP] The Art of Multiprocessor Programming
Herlihy and Shavit, 2006.
[JCP] Java Concurrency in Practice
Doug Lea, 2015.
Piazza (Q&A) MPP on Piazza
Moodle (Grades) MPP on Moodle - for grading
Grading 20% Homeworks, 40% Midterm exam, 40% Final exam


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Course staff

IMPORTANT Please contact us using Piazza rather than email.

Nate Nystrom instructor

Office SI-203
Office hours TBA

Luca Salucci teaching assistant

Office Open Space (2nd floor)
Office hours TBA

Schedule Subject to change


Group Work

Assignments will include both written and programming assignments. You are encouraged to work on the programming assignments with your classmates. The contributions of each student must be explicitly described.


Homework should be submitted through Github.

Programming assignments will have specific submission instructions included with the handouts. We will use a certain amount of automatic grading to help us deal with the massive amounts of code everyone submits, so please follow the submission instructions exactly as written!

Cheating and plagiarism is unacceptable

You are free to discuss assignments and solutions with others. However, you must write your own assignments, and must not represent any portion of others' work as your own. Assignments found to have been plagiarized will be given a grade of -100%.